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Boxer Puppy Training That’s Quick and Easy

May 10, 2008

Here you will find some interesting and helpful information from for those of you who have a boxer puppy or who are contemplating getting one.  Boxer puppy training needs a firm and but gentle approach.

Boxers are intelligent and social animals. They need human contact often and are not suited to being left at home alone for an entire day.  Crate training puppies several times during the day will be quite helpful.  Your puppy can have a place of his own and still be connected to the household activity.


From day one, you must be in charge.  Boxer puppy training takes time and persistence. They have more energy than your average breed of dog. Leash training puppy techniques can also assist you in maintaining control at all times.   Your puppy will be a great companion once you have gone through your training processes.   

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